Appliance World are pleased to offer a wide selection of hobs in a variety of styles and fuel types. With a selection of top quality brands to choose from, such as AEG, Bosch and Miele, there are plenty of hobs for you to consider. Induction technology allows for quick and efficient cooking using electromagnetic vibrations. Gas hobs are classically styled and provide even and simple cooking for everyone. Ceramic hobs offer a modern, stylish design with extendable cooking zones and easy to clean surfaces. With so many options to choose from, you may need some advice – that's why our helpful Sales team are available on 0844 493 2525 and at sales@appliance-world.co.uk

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Hobs come in various styles and varieties in order for all cooking preferences to be catered for. Hobs are inherently built-in appliances and come in gas and electric fuel ranges.

The variations of hobs include gas, induction, gas on glass, ceramicand sealed plate. Each hob has particular features that distinguish it to others.

Electric hobsinclude induction, ceramic and sealed plate hobs and the fundamental difference between electric and gas hobs are how quickly they can heat up. Sealed plate hobs take the longest to heat up whilst ceramic hobs are much faster. Induction hobs are state of the art appliances and are nearly as quick as the ever reliable and speedy gas hob.

Deciding which hob to incorporate within your kitchen is simply a matter of choosing a hob that coincides with your cooking habits and co-ordinates with your oven and kitchen.

Most hobs are 60cm wide and will have four cooking zones but there are some hobs that have up to 6. The most common configuration of cooking zones on a hob is to have one large and two medium zones and then a small simmer cooking zone.

Domino hobsare a recent member of the hob family. Domino hobs are small, two zone hobs which can be used as an individual appliance for small households or can be added alongside another hob.

Domino hobs allow customers to tailor make a flexible kitchen as they offer customers the opportunity to combine gas and electric cooking implements as well as other cooking apparatus such as BBQ grills, wok burners and deep fat fryers.

Appliance World stocks a huge range of hobs that vary in price, style, functionality and energy efficiency. For free impartial, expert advice please call our customer service line on 0844 493 2525

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