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Washing and drying your laundry is sadly an everyday part of life and probably always will be! Fortunately, contemporary developments in washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers can make such tiresome chores swift and convenient.

Washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryersare available in various styles and come in freestanding, integrated and semi integrated ranges.

Particular developments in washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers have been in drum sizes and spin speeds.

Drum sizes vary and hold between 5kg's and 11kg's of washing. The size of a washing machine drum will affect a washing machine’s load capacity (or tumble dryer and washer dryer for that matter).

The variation in drum sizes means that there is a great selection of washing machines that can suit different peoples’, families’ and households’ needs. A 5-6kg washing machine drum size is ideal for a small household whereas washing machine drum sizes from 8kg onwards are better suited to larger households and families.

Similar to how there is a large range of washing machine drum sizes, there is also a variety of washing machine spin speeds. A washing machine’s spin speed refers to how fast the washing machine’s drum spins. Spin speed is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm) and varies from 1200rpm to 1900rpm. Washing machines spin clothes to extract water from them and the faster your clothes are spun, the quicker the extraction of water and moisture. Most washing machines will have variable spin speeds.

Tumble dryers are used to dry laundry after they have been washed. Tumble dryers are a convenient appliance as they act as an alternative from hanging up your clothes to dry.

Tumble dryers dry clothes through one of two methods. Vented tumble dryers remove moisture through a pipe at the back of the tumble dryer which is connected to the outside of a household through a wall vent. Vented tumble dryers therefore need to be placed beside an exterior wall to function.

Condenser tumble dryers remove moisture and store it in a small container that has to be emptied. As condenser tumble dryers do not require a wall vent, many argue that they are more convenient and hassle free.

Tumble dryer drum sizes vary from 3kg to 10kg. The larger the drum size, the larger the amount of drying a tumble dryer can conduct.

Washer dryers offer the convenience of two technologies in one machine and are a perfect solution if space is limited. Washer dryers are also have continuous wash to dry programs, making them very convenient appliances.

The down side of washer dryers is that most (but not all) washer dryers are incapable of washing and drying the same weight of clothes. This means that the wash load usually has to be halved or that two separate wash cycles are required.

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