Zanussi Refrigeration

Refrigeration appliances include fridges, freezers, fridge freezers and wine coolers. These appliances come in either freestanding or integrated ranges.

There are two types of fridges: upright fridges and under the counter fridges. Up right fridges are very spacious appliances whilst under the counter fridges are better suited to smaller households with limited inhabitants. Both variations can include an ice box.

Fridge sizes are measured in litres. A fridge with a 100-200 litre capacity is ideal for small households whilst a 200-300 litre capacity fridge is suitable for a medium sized family or household. Any household or family that exceeds four members should consider a fridge that has a 300+ litre capacity.

There have been some major developments in the way fridges are engineered. Most fridges contain cooling systems that adapt to lowering and rising fridge temperatures to ensure a consistent temperature. Many fridges are also built with an auto defrost feature that prevents ice building up at the back wall of a fridge. These are two predominant features that have overcome some of the issues older fridges witnessed.

There are three types of freezers: upright freezers, chest freezers and under the counter freezers. Each has varying storage capacities and are designed to suit households with different demands.

Upright freezers are suited to medium sized households and can store considerable amounts of food. Upright freezers are usually placed alongside the rest of a kitchen.

Under the counter freezers are smaller appliances and are usually used by smaller households.

Chest freezers are usually put in a garage or utility room due to their sheer size. Chest freezers are horizontal appliances and have top opening lids. They suit large households that freeze substantial amounts of food.

If space is an issue, fridge freezers are a perfect option. They combine the technology and benefits of two machines, making them very versatile appliances. There are three types of fridge freezer: American style fridge freezers, combi fridge freezers and top mount fridge freezers.

American style fridge freezers have large space capabilities of up to 650 litres and are very fashionable appliances. They are a premium product and often sport chilled drinks dispensers and ice cube dispensers.

Combi fridge freezers are a great option if you need more freezer space than a fridge with an ice box and less freezer space than a freezer.

A top mount fridge freezer is as the name indicates. A freezer compartment is situated above the fridge to make the compartment more assessable.

For those who have an interest for and passion in wine, wine coolers are appliances that will safely preserve and store precious wine collections.

Wine coolersvary in style and size and can hold up to 46 bottles of wine. Wooden shelves, tempered door glass and individual temperature zones are recent additions to be incorporated within wine coolers.

Appliance World stocks a huge range of fridges, freezers, fridge freezers and wine coolers that vary in price, style, functionality and energy efficiency. For free impartial, expert advice please call our customer service line on 0844 493 2525

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