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Get huge savings on selected Bosch appliances purchased between 12/04/2017 and 06/06/2017 in the Bosch Spring Sale. Simply choose your appliance from the list of models below - prices have already been reduced so you can checkout as normal.

Product CodeCategory
WAQ2836SGB Laundry
WAT28420GB Laundry
WAT28370GB Laundry
WAT28660GB Laundry
WAW28560GB Laundry
WAW28750GB Laundry
WAW32560GB Laundry
WAWH8660GB Laundry
WAYH8790GB Laundry
WVG30461GB Laundry
WVH28422GB Laundry
WTW85491GB Laundry
WTW87560GB Laundry
WKD28541GB Laundry
WKD28351GB Laundry
SMS58M42GB Dishwashers
SMS88TW02GB Dishwashers
SMV50C10GB Dishwashers
SMV53L00GB Dishwashers
SMV69M01GB Dishwashers
SMV69P15GB Dishwashers
SPS53M02GB Dishwashers
SPS53M08GB Dishwashers
SPS59T02GB Dishwashers
GSN36VW30G Cooling
KGE36BW41G Cooling
KGN36NW30G Cooling
KGN36HI32 Cooling
KGD36VI30G Cooling
KSV36NW30G Cooling
KSV36VW30G Cooling
KGN36VL35G Cooling
KGN39VW35G Cooling
KGN39VL35G Cooling
KAG90AI20G Cooling
KAD90VB20G Cooling
KAI90VI20G Cooling
KAN90VI20G Cooling
HBA13R150B Cooking
HBA23B150B Cooking
HBA63B150B Cooking
HBA73R150B Cooking
HBG634BS1B Cooking
HBM43B150B Cooking
HBG674BS1B Cooking
HBC84H501B Cooking
CFA634GS1B Cooking
CMG633BS1B Cooking
HBG633BS1B Cooking
HBG673BS1B Cooking