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Celebrate summer with huge savings on selected Bosch appliances purchased between 12/07/2017 and 05/09/2017. Discounts have already been applied so all you have to do is add qualifying item to the basket and place your order.

Qualifying Models

Product CodeCategory
WAN28201GB Laundry
WAT24421GB Laundry
WAT28421GB Laundry
WAW28560GB Laundry
WAW32560GB Laundry
WTM85230GB Laundry
WTW87560GB Laundry
WVG30461GB Laundry
SMS46MW00G Dishwashers
SMS46IW02G Dishwashers
SMS46IW00G Dishwashers
SMS67MW01G Dishwashers
SMS67MW00G Dishwashers
SPS53M02GB Dishwashers
SPS53M08GB Dishwashers
SPS59T02GB Dishwashers
KGN34XW35G Refrigeration
KGN34XL35G Refrigeration
KGN34VB35G Refrigeration
KGN36VL35G Refrigeration
KGN39VW35G Refrigeration
KGN39VL3AG Refrigeration
KGN36HI32 Refrigeration
HBA23B150B Ovens
HBA63B150B Ovens
HBC84H501B Ovens
HBM13B151B Ovens
HBM43B150B Ovens
PWP631BF1B Hobs
PCP6A5B90 Hobs
PGH6B5B60 Hobs
PCQ7A5B90 Hobs
WIW28300GB Laundry
WIW28500GB Laundry
WKD28351GB Laundry
WKD28541GB Laundry