This promotion has now expired

Order selected Neff appliances between 06/09/2017 and 31/10/2017 and you can claim a gift card for use in Tesco, Waitrose or Sainsbury's up to the value of £140. Simply choose your appliance from the list of selected models below and once you have received your appliances go to and click on the "Start your claim" button. All claims must be received by 30/11/2017 to be eligible.

B44M42N5GB Ovens £50
B47CS34N0B Ovens £70
B47CR32N0B Ovens £70
B47CR32N1B Ovens £70
B57CR22N0B Ovens £100
B57CR22N1B Ovens £100
C17MR02N0B Ovens £50
C17MS32N0B Ovens £50
U14S32N5GB Ovens £50
U14M42N5GB Ovens £50
U17M42N5GB Ovens £70
U17S32N5GB Ovens £70
U15E52N5GB Ovens £100
U16E74N5GB Ovens £100
T27DS59N0 Hobs £50
T25S56N0GB Hobs £50
T26CS49S0 Hobs £50
T27CS59S0 Hobs £50
T46FD53X0 Hobs £70
T48FD23X0 Hobs £140
T56FD50X0 Hobs £140
T58FT20X0 Hobs £140