Order selected Neff appliances between 06/09/2017 and 31/10/2017 and you can claim a gift card for use in Tesco, Waitrose or Sainsbury's up to the value of £140. Simply choose your appliance from the list of selected models below and once you have received your appliances go to www.neffgrocerycard.co.uk/ and click on the "Start your claim" button. All claims must be received by 30/11/2017 to be eligible.

B44M42N5GB Ovens £50
B47CS34N0B Ovens £70
B47CR32N0B Ovens £70
B47CR32N1B Ovens £70
B57CR22N0B Ovens £100
B57CR22N1B Ovens £100
C17MR02N0B Ovens £50
C17MS32N0B Ovens £50
U14S32N5GB Ovens £50
U14M42N5GB Ovens £50
U17M42N5GB Ovens £70
U17S32N5GB Ovens £70
U15E52N5GB Ovens £100
U16E74N5GB Ovens £100
T27DS59N0 Hobs £50
T25S56N0GB Hobs £50
T26CS49S0 Hobs £50
T27CS59S0 Hobs £50
T46FD53X0 Hobs £70
T48FD23X0 Hobs £140
T56FD50X0 Hobs £140
T58FT20X0 Hobs £140