Pyrolytic Ovens

Fancy never having to clean your oven? No longer a dream, this can be a reality in YOUR kitchen!

Pyrolytic ovens work by super-heating the grime and dirt that builds up in your oven, until it’s reduced to a fine ash that’s easy to sweep away.

Not every oven has a self-cleaning programme, so check first whether your oven does. Different brands call this function different things, for example Bosch and Siemens call it the PyroKlean function, whereas AEG call it the Pyroluxe feature. No matter what it’s called, this mode heats your oven up to 500° Celsius. This causes everything inside to be burnt down to a fine ash, which can easily be swept up with minimal effort.

For extra precaution, the oven also activates a safety lock whilst the Pyrolytic cycle is in progress. This means that small children can’t attempt to reach inside and accidentally burn themselves, giving you extra peace of mind and keeping your family safe.

So if you fancy not having to scrub out your oven for hours on end, and with models available at affordable prices, why not take a look at our Pyrolytic ovens range today? Click here to view our selection.