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Best Dehumidifiers of 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Dehumidifiers

  1. EcoAir DD1 Simple (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Meaco 2-in-1 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Pro Breeze Mini (Best Value)
  4. Pro Breeze 12L (Best with Digital Display)
  5. XAXAZON DH-CS01 Mini (Best Quiet)
  6. Hysure Semi-Conductor (Smallest)
  7. Gocheer Upgraded (Best for Bedroom)
  8. Pro Breeze 20L (Best Large)
  9. NETTA 12L (Best for Damp)
  10. Inventor Fresh (Best Portable)

If you often notice condensation on your walls, windows, or surfaces, the best way to rapidly reduce humidity and excess moisture from the air is by using a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are also an ideal tool if you detect any mould in a room of your house. While these issues can be expected in humid climates, they can also be an issue in cellars, garages, boats, and more if you don’t make an effort to keep them under control.

Fortunately, dehumidifiers are quite easy to use and readily available; all you have to do is find the right one for you, depending on the size of your space and the severity of your problem. With this in mind, we curated a top 10 list and paired it with an informational buyer’s guide to help you find the best dehumidifier in the UK for your intended purposes. Whether you are looking for a large device, a portable one, or an option with advanced controls and functionality, our dehumidifier reviews have got you covered.

How We Compared Dehumidifiers

To find the right dehumidifiers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Performance
  • Size
  • Noise
  • Controls
  • Power Consumption

Our editorial team examined and analysed hundreds of appliances to select the best options suitable for all kinds of needs. After planning comparison points and evaluating customer reviews, we compiled the following list.

Have a look here to find out more about our process.

Dehumidifier Reviews

EcoAir DD1 Simple (Editor’s Choice)

The EcoAir DD1 Simple desiccant dehumidifier makes an excellent all-around choice. It is portable and lightweight, features a carry handle, and is available in white with either black, pink, or blue vent grates.

This dehumidifier is able to extract a maximum of 7 litres of moisture from the air per day and manages to remain quiet while it’s running. If you don’t feel like emptying the 2-litre tank manually, you can simply use the included continuous drainage hose. It also features an anti-bacterial silver filter to complement its dehumidifying abilities.

The EcoAir DD1 Simple compact dehumidifier has a rotary control dial with multiple functions. Easily switch between a laundry mode for drying clothes, an economy mode for saving energy, and a turbo mode when you need to rapidly remove dampness.

Regretfully, this dehumidifier could have a shorter lifespan. The continuous drainage system might be somewhat poorly designed, but overall, it still makes a solid choice for small to medium-sized spaces in your home and beyond.


  • Quiet operation 
  • 7L per day extraction rate 
  • Eco mode for saving energy 
  • Anti-bacterial silver filter 
  • Easily portable 


  • It might have a shorter lifespan 
  • It may have a somewhat poorly designed continuous drainage

Meaco 2-in-1 (Luxury Choice)

If a luxury quality design and build is what you want, we recommend the Meaco 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier. It makes a great pick for medium to large-sized homes and was specifically designed for the UK climate to give you the best results possible.

With a slim design and a super high extraction rate of up to 20 litres per day, this dehumidifier can accomplish almost any task you set it to. In addition to removing moisture, its HEPA filter cleans the air while it works. It does both of these jobs quietly and in an energy-efficient manner.

Controlling this device is easy with its digital display. It contains a humidistat, so it reacts to the current humidity level of a room accurately, a laundry mode for help drying laundry indoors, and a 24-hour timer. 

The Meaco 2-in-1 dehumidifier comes with less detailed instructions, and it may not be a quiet dehumidifier as advertised, but its luxury quality promises to perform in other ways.


  • 2-in-1 air purifier and dehumidifier
  • Quiet operation 
  • Digital display with advanced functions
  • Variable humidistat 
  • Luxury quality and design 


  • It may be noisier than expected  
  • The instructions could be lacking 

Pro Breeze Mini (Best Value)

The Pro Breeze Mini could quite possibly be the best dehumidifier under £100. This lightweight and portable dehumidifier is also great for anyone looking to conserve space.

The Pro Breeze Mini features a 500 ml extraction rate and an easy to empty 1500 ml water tank; this means you should be able to leave it running for a minimum of three days without being concerned about dumping the water. It is also energy-efficient: running it continuously shouldn’t seriously affect your energy bill.

This low energy dehumidifier is also very quiet while in use, thanks to its compact size. This makes it great for smaller spaces like boats, caravans, offices, and bathrooms, even when you are trying to be quiet. There’s no need to worry about fancy controls either simply turn it on or off, and it’ll do all of the work for you. 

However, this dehumidifier could have a shorter lifespan when compared to other top options, and it is designed for use in larger spaces, but we still think it makes an outstanding budget dehumidifier.


  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Energy-efficient design 
  • Great for smaller spaces 
  • Easy empty 1500 ml water tank 
  • Excellent value option 


  • This dehumidifier may not be ideal for larger spaces 
  • The device could have a shorter lifespan 

Pro Breeze 12L (Best with Digital Display)

If you need the best dehumidifier in the UK with an easy to read and use digital display, the Pro Breeze 12L makes a superb choice.

This energy-efficient dehumidifier is perfect for use in medium to large-sized rooms. It has an elevated 12-litre per day extraction rate and a 1.8-litre water tank capacity. The machine also features the option to use a continuous drainage hose.

The brilliant LED display on this machine allows you to manipulate the performance to best suit your current needs. It features a 24-hour timer, an automatic humidity sensor that allows it to react to the humidity level in real-time, a sleep mode, and a continuous mode.

Unfortunately, the Pro Breeze 12L dehumidifier has a somewhat smaller water tank capacity, and it could have a shorter lifespan. In addition, it may not be as quiet as expected, but if you’re looking for easy controls, we think you might be able to overlook these potential cons.


  • LED digital display 
  • High 12 litre per day extraction rate 
  • Three running modes
  • Automatic humidity sensor 
  • Energy-efficient design


  • The water tank may be smaller than expected
  • It might have a shorter lifespan 
  • It may not be as quiet as you’d expect 

XAXAZON DH-CS01 Mini (Best Quiet)

Considering how often dehumidifiers are used in bedrooms and other potentially quiet spaces, you may want to choose an option that doesn’t make much noise while it is running. If this sounds good to you, take a closer look at the XAXAZON DH-CS01 Mini.

With a maximum noise level of only 39 dB, the XAXAZON DH-CS01 Mini is the quietest dehumidifier on our list. It has easy to use one-touch controls that facilitate a 450 ml per day extraction rate. We love its built-in LED light with changing colours. Not only is it fun, but it conveniently turns red when the tank reaches capacity. 

This compact and portable dehumidifier is also great when it comes to portability. It is lightweight and easily moved from one location to another without being an issue. We also love its detachable mesh filter, which helps clean the air while it dehumidifies.

This dehumidifier is not ideal for larger spaces and has a relatively lower extraction rate, but according to us, it is still the best quiet dehumidifier around.


  • Super quiet operation 
  • Compact and portable 
  • Colourful LED light 
  • One-touch start
  • Detachable mesh filter


  • It may have a relatively lower extraction rate 
  • The product may be unsuitable for larger spaces

Hysure Semi-Conductor (Smallest)

If you are on a search for the best mini dehumidifier, the Hysure Semi-Conductor could be the answer to all of your problems. This portable dehumidifier is ultra-compact, lightweight, and easy to travel with, even if you are generally short on space.

Available in either black or white, this dehumidifier is whisper quiet at only 33 dB. It is designed for use in areas that are up to 200 square feet and has a 300 ml per day extraction rate paired with a 700 ml water tank.

The Hysure Semi-Conductor dehumidifier is easy to use thanks to its one-touch control with an auto-shutoff function. It is also energy-efficient by design, so you may not even notice a difference in your energy bill.

This mini dehumidifier has a more restrictive size which means it isn’t really suitable for larger spaces. It also lacks additional features and has a lower relative humidity extraction rate, but if you’re looking for a small machine, this could still be the one for you.


  • Large 700 ml water tank 
  • Compact and portable 
  • Great for small places 
  • Ultra-quiet functioning 
  • One-touch controls 


  • It may not be the best option for larger spaces
  • The extraction rate may be lower compared to other dehumidifiers
  • The device may have fewer features

Gocheer Upgraded (Best for Bedroom)

The best bedroom dehumidifier available on the market today is the Gocheer Upgraded. It is suitable for spaces up to 480 square feet and, at a maximum noise level of only 40 dB, is quiet enough that it shouldn’t disrupt you while you sleep.

This semi-conductor dehumidifier features a daily extraction rate of 1000 ml and an easily removed 2000 ml water tank. In case you forget about the tank, it also features an automatic shutoff to prevent it from potentially overflowing. 

Compact and portable, this dehumidifier can easily be moved from room to room based on where you need it most. With just the touch of a button, it is easy to use; as a bonus is also energy-efficient.

Be aware that the Gocheer Upgraded dehumidifier only has one setting and is not ideal for larger spaces. The automatic shutoff function may also be unreliable, but don’t let these possible cons form discourage you too much.


  • Great for up to 480 square feet 
  • Compact and portable 
  • Easy to use 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Lightweight


  • It might not be ideal for larger spaces
  • The single setting may not be enough for some
  • The automatic shutoff function may not be reliable 

Pro Breeze 20L (Best Large)

If you are after a large dehumidifier with a high extraction rate, the Pro Breeze 20L could be just the thing. It makes an excellent choice for large spaces and is also easy to use.

The elevated 20-litre-per-day extraction rate on this Pro breeze dehumidifier means it is powerful and performs at a high level. For water collection, you can use the included continuous drainage hose or empty the 5.5-litre tank when it fills.

This dehumidifier’s intuitive LED control panel features a sleep mode, a 24-hour timer, a child lock, and an automatic function thanks to the built-in humidistat. Pro Breeze also built this device with four wheels on the base for improved manoeuvrability.

The tank on this dehumidifier may not be the easiest to dump, and the continuous drainage hose is quite short. Also, this may not be the ideal choice for you if you are looking for an exceptionally quiet option, but it is still a fantastic choice if you are looking to dehumidify larger spaces. 


  • Great for large spaces 
  • High 20L per day extraction rate 
  • Large 5.5L water tank 
  • LED control panel 
  • Built-in humidistat 


  • It might not be the quietest option
  • The drainage hose could be longer
  • Draining the water tank might be tricky for some

NETTA 12L (Best for Damp)

If you have a serious condensation or damp problem, the NETTA 12L is our top recommendation. In our opinion, it is the best dehumidifier for bathrooms and medium to large-sized rooms prone to dampness and mould.

This NETTA dehumidifier has a 12 litre per day extraction rate paired with a 1.5-litre water tank. A continuous drainage hose is also included in case you prefer not to empty the tank regularly. This dehumidifier also has good manoeuvrability due to the wheels on the base.

This dehumidifier is equipped with a digital control panel with two modes and several different options for user ease. It has a 24-hour timer, automatic shutoff, and an adjustable humidity level. Regardless of which model you choose, it remains quiet while operating.

This dehumidifier has a relatively smaller water tank for the high extraction rate, and the continuous drainage system may be somewhat tricky to use. Additionally, we think the instruction manual could be improved.


  • Quiet operation 
  • High 12L per day extraction rate 
  • Digital control panel 
  • Great for damp and mould 
  • Convenient wheels on the base 


  • Continuous drainage may be somewhat tricky 
  • It may have a smaller water tank 
  • The instruction manual could be improved 

Inventor Fresh (Best Portable)

If you intend to move your dehumidifier from place to place in your home, Inventor Fresh is our top pick. It is easily portable thanks to wheels and a large carry handle and has a high extraction rate for a machine of this size.

With a 12 litre per day extraction rate and an eco-friendly design, this dehumidifier outperforms many of its competitors. For your convenience, it features a 2-litre water tank that is easy to empty and has an automatic shutoff function to prevent overflow.

These dehumidifiers are also easy to use with their digital controls. They feature three settings: a continuous mode with a 24-hour timer, a laundry mode for when you want to dry clothes, and a silent mode. It also comes with a continuous drainage hose.

Inventor Fresh dehumidifiers are not designed for use in larger spaces, and they might be a bit heavier than expected. They could also have a shorter lifespan, but they still stand out when it comes to portability.


  • Compact and easily portable 
  • Eco-friendly design 
  • Silent mode 
  • Laundry mode for drying clothes 
  • Advanced digital controls 


  • It might be a bit heavier than expected 
  • The lifespan might be shorter than expected
  • It might not be ideal for larger rooms

The Best Dehumidifiers: A Buyer’s Guide

What Are the Main Types of Dehumidifiers?

While they both perform the same function, refrigerant dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers are the two main choices when it comes to a dehumidifier’s internal design.

  • Refrigerant dehumidifiers, also called compressor dehumidifiers, are the most effective in higher temperature and higher humidity levels.
  • Compressor models, or refrigerant models, are also the most prevalent type found in the UK. This is most likely true because a refrigerant dehumidifier can be used in multiple rooms in the house. A refrigerant dehumidifier can be particularly beneficial in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers work best in lower temperatures and lower humidity levels but also function in higher temperatures. For this reason, a desiccant dehumidifier makes a good choice if you are looking for a whole-house dehumidifier or a dehumidifier that is good for large rooms like garages or other rooms with lower temperatures. If you experience colder temperatures and hope to dehumidify larger spaces, you may want to search for the best desiccant dehumidifier.
  • Peltier dehumidifiers are another style, but they tend to perform on a lower level, so we didn’t include any on our list.

What to Look For in a Dehumidifier

After reading through all of our dehumidifier reviews, you may be wondering what product features you should be prioritising. The following sections will help you determine which dehumidifier features to consider by determining how each trait affects the overall performance of the dehumidifier.


woman emptying reservoir of appliance

The best dehumidifiers should perform the way you want and need them to. The two main traits to consider when it comes to performance include the size of the water tank and the maximum extraction rate per day. Both determine the moisture and temperature difference created by a dehumidifier and establish the maximum fan speed and airflow.

The higher the extraction rate, the more moisture it will be capable of removing from the air. Keep this in mind and consider the size of the space you are trying to dehumidify to choose the right parameters.


Size and portability should also be considered when choosing a dehumidifier. If you have plenty of space, this may not concern you too much, but you may need a more compact model if you are looking to dehumidify a smaller space. Additionally, if you want your dehumidifier to be portable, you may need to take into account its overall weight and whether or not it has wheels or a handle for improved manoeuvrability.


Many people prefer a dehumidifier that remains relatively quiet while it is functioning. Considering the fact that they are often running continuously, this is no surprise. How quiet a dehumidifier is can be particularly important if you plan on sleeping in the same space.


The way you control a dehumidifier may also factor into your decision-making process. Would you prefer a manual control system or a digital display?

Additionally, what do you want the control panel to manipulate? If you are looking for a portable device, maybe a one-touch operation system would be ideal for you. Or, would you prefer a dehumidifier with more advanced options?

Some of the most common additional features found on dehumidifiers include the following:

  • timer
  • laundry setting for when your tumble dryer is running, or you want to hang dry clothes indoors
  • humidistat to enable an auto a continuous dehumidification mode, and an air purifier mode.

Power Consumption

Saving energy and money on energy bills is always a plus, but these things aren’t always possible when it comes to appliances. Fortunately, many dehumidifiers still boast an energy-efficient design, even when they are running continuously. We have included plenty of options on our list that feature low energy consumption to help take this concern off of your plate entirely.

Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier

While there are many benefits to using a dehumidifier, the most important is that it can help combat particularly humid climates and their effects on your home. If you are on the fence about using one, here are a few more reasons to help you make up your mind.

Potential dehumidifier benefits:

  • It prevents mould from developing
  • It prevents condensation from forming on windows and other surfaces
  • It helps eliminate frizzy hair
  • It improves air quality and can improve conditions for people with respiratory issues
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Can help dry laundry indoors at a faster speed
  • Protects woodwork, furniture, and walls from excess moisture

How Do You Know if You Need a Dehumidifier?

By now, you probably have a good grasp of who needs a dehumidifier and who doesn’t, but just in case, the following questions should clear up any lingering confusion.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you probably need a dehumidifier:

  • Have you noticed mould spores growing in your home, boat, caravan, or garage?
  • Do you periodically experience a mild damp problem?
  • Do you notice condensation on your windows, walls, or other hard surfaces?
  • Do you feel clammy and sweaty in your home?
  • Do you have asthma, and humidity increases the symptoms?
  • Does humidity make your hair frizzy before you even leave your home?

The Best Dehumidifier for You

Our top pick for the best dehumidifier is the EcoAir DD1 Simple, our Editor’s Choice. The desiccant dehumidifier boasts multiple modes to help you conquer dampness in various circumstances and extract up to 7 litres of moisture from the air per day. It is also easily portable and comes equipped with an anti-bacterial silver filter to help clean the air while it is removing moisture.

All in all, this dehumidifier does an excellent job removing excess humidity and water from the air, so you should be able to say goodbye to dampness and condensation in no time at all.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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