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Bosch kitchen appliances
are made with the utmost
care and attention to
detail. However, to give you
that extra peace of mind,
we’re pleased to inform
you that you receive a FREE
2 year warranty with all Bosch appliances. Click here for more information about warranties.
Bosch originally started out as an electrical engineering company before branching out into other industries, including the household appliance industry in 1933, and has been going for over 125 years now.

With their background in precision mechanics, Bosch has managed to combine high quality aesthetics with great functionality in the process of producing quality kitchen appliances suitable for any home.

Following Robert Bosch’s vision of constant improvement, over the years Bosch have striven to enhance their products in terms of performance, convenience and usability, making every kitchen appliance, from ovens to dishwashers, a reliable piece of precision engineering whilst still retaining easy functionality.

Any integrated or freestanding Bosch appliance purchased here at Appliance World is bound to be a top quality product that combines 125 years of engineering and design expertise with great usability that’ll fit in your home and kitchen easily.