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De Dietrich appliances come with either a 2 or 5 year parts and labour warranty, absolutely free. Click here for more information about warranties.
De Dietrich introduced the first pyrolytic oven to the UK in 1982. Five years later they gave us the Induction hob too - so it would seem that innovation comes naturally to them!
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De Dietrich has always had a history of excellence and of great quality no matter what industry they’ve worked in, from starting out as an ironworking company in the 1600s and progressing into other industries over the years.

The company were awarded a peerage honour in 1761, and managed to introduce the first brand logo in France at the same time, before moving into the kitchenware market in 1910, the De Dietrich Company has always striven for excellence and quality and innovation.

From introducing the first pyroclean oven range ovens in France in 1968 and then in the UK in 1982 and then introducing induction technology five years later, De Dietrich have helped pave the way for innovative technology whilst still retaining style and excellent design.

For over fifteen years, we have stocked De Dietrich’s sophisticated kitchen appliances, which range from ovens to cooker hoods to refrigeration units. Each De Dietrich appliance will enhance and add elegance to your kitchen.