Electrolux Kitchen Appliances

About Electrolux

Prior to focusing on kitchen appliances, Electrolux's first foray into the world of domestic appliances was in vacuum cleaners. In 2001, they designed and sold the first robotic vacuum cleaner available to the general public. It was called the Trilobite, and was first seen in 1996 as a prototype.

Having started with a core product base of vacuum cleaners in 1919 and refrigerators shortly after the formation of the company, Electrolux progressed further into the major kitchen appliances market. Starting with washing machines, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances in the 1950s and especially during the 1960s, which saw a large increase in Electrolux’s expansion into other segments of the kitchen appliance market.

Since then, Electrolux have come to dominate the kitchen appliances market, rising to become the world’s second-largest kitchen appliance manufacturer by market share as of 2010 after years of growth. With their ergonomically designed appliances that are intended to improve people’s quality of life, Electrolux live up to their company motto: “Thinking of you”.

For more information on Electrolux's history check out http://www.electroluxgroup.com/en/category/about/history/

The world's very first autonomous vacuum cleaner, the Trilobite, was introduced, by Electrolux, to the general public in 2001.

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Most Electrolux products come with a free two year warranty when registered.



Velvet Close®
Even when you’re in a hurry, you don’t need to worry that you’ve closed the oven carefully. This action gently pulls the door closed, smoothly and silently.
Catalytic Coating
Grease and other residues are absorbed by the oven lining and are oxidised when heated to 220°C. Simply wipe away for sparkling results with minimum effort required.
Pyrolytic Cleaning
Achieve a professional level of cleanliness with minimum effort – when you activate the self-clean function, grease and other residue will be heated up and reduced to ash. All you need to do then is just wipe away.
Get accurate results just like the professionals with the Electrolux FoodProbe. Simply set to the right cooking level and the oven will switch off when it’s reached, or go one step further and set meat to ‘rare’, ‘medium’ or ‘well done’.
Touch-key display
The large LCD display guides you through multiple heating modes and cooking functions to help you try out more recipes and techniques. Easily see the current mode, temperature and time remaining – great for busy cooks.
CombiSteam Deluxe
Achieve restaurant-standard results by combining dry heat and steam. With three steam levels, ranging from 25% to 100%, you’re sure to get the right match for each dish, whether you’re cooking poultry, rice or even cakes.


Cooker Hoods


The motor uses energy to the maximum efficiency, while operating discreetly with minimum noise.
LED Lights
Create a sophisticated atmosphere in your kitchen with the stylish lighting for your cooker hood. What's more, LED bulbs reduce energy consumption by up to 70% compared to standard lights.
Electronic Controls
Smoothly start up your cooker hood or adjust the lighting with smart and stylish touch controls that intuitively guide you to the right extraction speed.
Washable Filters
The aluminium grease filters can easily be removed from the hood and washed, keeping the extractor working efficiently.



DirectAccess Controls
These rotary electronic controls enable effortlessly precise adjustments to be made with one touch.
This clever timer works out exactly when is the best time to switch off the heat and even does it for you. Save energy every time you cook by using the residual heat to finish the dish off.
Booster Function
Save time with an extra energy burst that heats the pan quickly to the highest temperature – ideal when you’re in a rush and need to get cooking faster.
Stop + Go
If you’ve ever been unexpectedly interrupted while cooking, you will love Electrolux’s Stop+Go function. One touch of the button will completely pause the cooking process, while a second press will resume cooking with the same settings as before.
Automatic Ignition
As the ignition and heat controls are combined, simply push and twist to instantly fire up your hob and begin cooking quickly.
Child lock
Keep your children safe with an easily-activated child lock, ensuring the hob cannot be accidentally switched on.



RealLife Cleaning
No need to hold back with loading your new dishwasher – dishes of any shape and size are able to be thoroughly cleaned with a combination of the FlexiSpray arm with double rotation and TopShower jets that ensure water reaches every corner of the appliance.
RealLife VIDEO FlexiSpray VIDEO
Take control of your time by cutting the cycle length to finish at a time that suits you.
With each load having a different combination of dishes, it can be hard to know which settings to use. Simply select AutoFlex to have the dishwasher do the hardwork for you, automatically calculating how much energy and water to use.
Delay Start
Adapt your dishwasher to fit your day – you can delay the start time of the cycle by at least three hours, programming your Electrolux appliance to run to your schedule.
Quick Wash
Wash a small load or a regular, just-used load in half an hour – ideal for quickly cleaning dishes between courses at dinner parties.

Washing Machines


Take full control and make sure your laundry fits around your schedule with this handy feature. Easily determine how long a cycle will take and adjust it accordingly to ensure the wash is finished when you say so.
Inverter Motor
The energy efficient inverter motor enables the washing machine to run in virtual silence while still delivering great results.
Direct Spray
This system optimises the use of water in a wash cycle by showering your clothes throughout. Less water is used – saving you money – while your clothes are cared for with a gentler wash.
Delay Start
Quickly and easily postpone the beginning of your washing cycle by up to 20 hours. It no longer matters when you load your machine, as this convenient function means you can time your laundry to be ready for when you want to unload it.
Steam Programmes
Quickly refresh once-worn items with a burst of steam that helps smooth wrinkles and remove odours.

Washer Dryers


Touch Controls
Quickly and easily program your tumble dryer with the easy-to-use touch controls. Designed to be intuitive, you can navigate to your selected mode promptly.
Reverse Action
This automatic action helps to prevent clothes from tangling by loosening them from each other, increasing the drying efficiency and helping to reduce your ironing.
Delay Start
You no longer need to play your schedule around your laundry. This user-friendly function enables you to delay your drying cycle by up to 20 hours so you can time it to finish when you're ready.

Tumble Dryers


Steam Programmes
These programmes help to smooth out creases and remove odours, refreshing your garments so they're ready to wear again or simply easier to iron.
Instantly activate your preferred settings with the touch of a button; simply save your favourite combinations of programmes and settings and they'll be readily available for your next use.
Determine exactly how long your cycle will take and adjust it according to how much time you have. This way, you'll always be wearing what you want, when you want.
LCD Screen
The Liquid Crystal Display screen is generously sized to clearly provide all the information you require, including cycle updates when it's in use.
Delay Start
You no longer need to plan your day around your laundry – make sure it's the other way around. This function allows you to postpone the beginning of the cycle by up to 20 hours, meaning it can always be finished when you're ready to unload.

Wine Coolers


Two Temperature Zones
Store and serve whichever wine you require at the ideal temperature with two separately controlled zones.



Store any item of food anywhere you wish as the temperature and humidity are automatically evened out throughout the fridge, keeping the storage conditions identical everywhere.
This lower temperature compartment is kept 15% colder than the rest of the fridge to keep your meat and fish naturally fresh.
The humidity control of this special drawer is designed to help your fresh food's texture last as long as possible, preserving the crisp, juicy sensation.
These drawers keep the temperature close to 0°C, preserving the natural fresh tastes and textures of meat and fish for up to three times longer.
The natural charcoal TasteGuard filter in the fridge ensures bad odours from fresh food and open containers are eliminated, keeping your appliance smelling fresh.



This handy function freezes fresh food faster, helping to preserve the vitamins, flavour and natural goodness, before restoring the temperature to the standard setting.
You will be the first to know if the temperature in your freezer rises too high – an alarm will sound and a warning light will switch on, alerting you to the problem.
Never defrost your freezer manually again! The handy FrostFree system saves you time by automatically preventing frost build-up, without compromising on energy efficiency.
SpacePlus Freezer Drawer
The generous proportions of the SpacePlus drawer mean there's even room for bulky and oversized items which can quickly be viewed, thanks to the transparent front, and can be easily accessed.
Quickly chill drinks to the perfect temperature with an icy blast. The timer function will let you know when your drinks are refreshingly cool and ready to be served.
This handy function identifies the most efficient temperature for freezing your food without wasting energy, helping to reduce the running costs for your household.

Fridge Freezers


Fruit and vegetables stay fresher for days longer with this innovative technology, which uses two separate cooling systems and air flows to serve the fridge and freezer independently. Keeping the right climate in your fridge means food is prevented from drying out while, in the freezer, there's no more frost build up.
This dedicated compartment is chilled to a temperature just above 0°C and preserves the natural freshness of meat and fish for up to three times longer, while keeping these items separate from others helps to protect their flavours and textures.
Frost Free
Save yourself time and energy with a fridge freezer that's FrostFree. You no longer need to spend hours defrosting the freezer compartment by hand, it will do it all automatically!
This clever filter, made from natural charcoal, eliminates odours caused by fresh food and opened containers to purify the air and keep your fridge smelling fresh.
When you unpack your weekly shop, your fridge door will be open for a while. This clever feature will ensure that the fridge quickly cools down to the set temperature, keeping your food stored in the best conditions to maintain its freshness.