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The term “white goods” comes from Hotpoint, who at one point were the market leaders in
several countries, and were famous for producing white kitchen appliances.
Most Hotpoint
appliances also come
with a free 5 year parts guarantee if registered after
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Hotpoint are a truly international company, being founded in 1911 in America, and moved over to Britain in 1920. From producing small appliances, such as electric irons and toasters, Hotpoint have grown over the years to dominate the British market as well as other markets.

Hotpoint are also responsible for their all-white goods introducing the term “white good” to the general public as a way of describing kitchen appliances.

Producing appliances in many countries, including the UK, Italy and Turkey, Hotpoint are internationally renowned for quality and efficiency in their appliances. Suitable for anyone, from the first-time home-buyer to beyond, Hotpoint kitchen appliances will help improve your life no matter what needs you have.