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Miele was started in Germany over 110 years ago, and has become a major player on the European kitchen appliance stage over the course of time. One of the two founders, Carl Miele, personally oversaw all manufacturing to ensure that all products maintained the highest level of quality possible.

After time, the Miele brand became renowned for being creators of top quality, high-end, reliable appliances and this has been at the very core of Miele's identity ever since. If you buy Miele, you are buying quality.


Miele are proud to be the only company in the industry to test it’s products for the equivalent of 20 years' use. Their brand stands for quality and excellent results, which is proven with the attention-to-detail that is behind every appliance and every feature. From easy-to-reach dials on Miele gas hobs to clever Wi-Fi controlled dishwashers, technology and convenience are always at the forefront of Miele appliances.


Clean lines and timeless elegance along with colours and styles to suit even the most diverse of kitchen designs mean that no matter the style of your kitchen, Miele are confident they have a range of appliances to match it. The independent, family-run business was even voted 'Best Brand Ever' in Germany and Miele customers around the world remain loyal to the brand, always recommending it to others.

At Appliance World, we have been stocking Miele kitchen appliances for over 20 years, from built-in ovens to dishwashers to hobs and many more products, all of extremely high quality and standards. If there is anything that you are looking for but cannot find on our website, give us a call!

Did you know?

Miele's slogan, Immer Besser, means "Always Better" when translated from German.


All Miele products come with a free two year guarantee, just in case any of the internal parts don’t meet the high Miele standard of quality.

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Miele built-in ovens come in a variety of sizes so there's sure to be something that suits every person and every kitchen. Their exclusive Moisture Plus feature provides perfect bakes and succulent roasts while the wireless food probe precisely monitors the core temperature for brilliant results. Designed for the whole family, Miele ovens keep safety in mind with their cool front and safety switch-off functions and their low energy consumption will save you money and the environment.


Moisture Plus The Moisture Plus function available in selected Miele ovens introduces bursts of steam throughout cooking. Programmable for the greatest convenience, the added moisture ensures succulent meat and bread that tastes as though it’s fresh from the bakery.
PerfectClean To save you time and energy usually spent cleaning, many of the components in Miele ovens feature a patented non-stick finish. Easily wipe away grease with a wet sponge and dash of washing-up liquid.
Pyrolytic Cleaning The automatic pyrolytic function heats the oven to high temperatures and turns cooking residues to ash. Once the process has finished, the ash can then be wiped away quickly and easily, keeping your oven spotless with minimal effort.
Residual heat utilisation This clever function switches off your Miele oven before the end of the cooking process. Your dish is finished using the residual heat, without affecting the result of your meal but helping to save energy.
Cool Front Because your family’s safety is of the utmost importance, Miele multi-pane doors ensure lower temperatures on the outside to prevent burns. Cool Front ovens are cooled on all sides for protection for yourself and adjacent cabinetry.
MultiSteam 8 steam inlet ports in Miele MultiSteam ovens ensure steam is generated and distributed quickly around the oven. This gives shorter heat-up times and fantastic results for a huge range of healthy and tasty dishes.

Cooker Hoods

Miele offer a wide range of stylish cooker hoods that are as effective as they are beautiful. Whether you require an island extractor, a futuristic downdraft or a stunning ceiling mounted hood, Miele have a selection available in sleek clean-steel, smart black and more. With quiet but powerful motors, these cooker hoods will remove grease and other substances that linger in the air during cooking.


Con@ctivity 2.0 Miele Con@ctivity 2.0 cooker hoods communicate with matching Con@ctivity hobs to automatically select the correct fan settings, ensuring the optimum extraction level for your cooking.
Run-on Set between 5 and 15 minutes for your own preference, this automatic function will continue the extraction process after you’ve finished cooking. No energy is wasted and you don’t even have to remember to switch the cooker hood off when you’re done.


The hob is a crucial part of any kitchen and with so much choice on offer, you're guaranteed to find one that works perfectly for you. Choose between gas, ceramic and induction cooking before selecting the perfect width and number of cooking zones. You can even choose to mix and match domino hobs to suit your precise needs, from barbecue to teppan yaki.


Con@ctivity 2.0 These clever hobs communicate with matching Con@ctivity 2.0 cooker hoods so that you can focus completely on your cooking. The hob tells the hood when to switch on and off and the correct extraction setting required at the time, keeping everything just as it should be.
GasStop & ReStart If a draught accidentally extinguishes the flame on these gas hobs, the burner will automatically attempt to reignite. If this fails, the gas supply will automatically and immediately switch off, keeping your home safe.
Residual Heat Indicator Each zone warns you of any residual heat, reminding you not to touch until they’ve cooled down.
Stop & Go If you’re interrupted by the doorbell, this handy feature reduces all cooking zones to the lowest level at the touch of a button. Food can be left unattended for a short period without burning and, with another touch on your return, cooking resumes at the previously selected settings.


Miele dishwashers are highly efficient with low water-consumption levels without sacrificing quality or functionality. Miele's patented cutlery tray is great for even the bulkiest of utensils and their exclusive AutoOpen feature means every item is dried to perfection. A myriad of clever programmes and features have been integrated to save you time and energy and give you sparking clean dishes as a result.


WiFi Conn@ct

With the Miele mobile app, you can check on the programme status or even start the dishwasher running while you’re on the go. Browse WiFi Conn@ct Dishwashers
3D Cutlery Tray The innovative design of the Miele cutlery tray has been enhanced to adjust in three directions, enabling it to be adapted to your load requirements. Bulky items such as ladles are still able to get the thorough cleaning required, without having to remove other cutlery.
Knock2open Stunning handleless design doesn’t have to compromise functionality – two knocks on the front panel will open your Miele dishwasher as if by magic.
AutoOpen Drying Once the programme has finished, the dishwasher door automatically opens, leaving a small gap that allows fresh air inside to ensure that all items are completely dry.
Original Cutlery Tray All cutlery items are separated in the Miele cutlery tray to ensure perfect cleaning and drying and to prevent scratching.
MultiComfort This unique area in the lower basket allows each item of crockery to find its ideal position. Holding a variety of items and sizes, some models with this ability can even rearrange the whole lower basket to make room for bulky items.
Delay Start Selecting when the dishwasher should run up to 24 hours in advance means you can make the most of lower energy tariffs or simply ensure that everything is ready when you need it to be.


Miele fridges and freezers have been designed to blend in beautifully with any kitchen and have a focus on little details such as the exclusive FlexiLight that illuminates every corner of your fridge without glare. With adaptable storage space, soft close doors and PerfectFresh drawers that keep fruits and vegetables at the optimum temperature, every inch of Miele's refrigeration range is made with an attention to detail to make every-day life easy and convenient.


VarioRoom Variable space design with removable drawers and shelves means that you can adjust the size of the freezer as required to fit in bulky products.
ComfortFrost The all-round evaporator ensures that ice builds up slower than most standard freezers, meaning less time spent defrosting.
SoftClose A self-closing freezer door seals the appliance softly and gently, preventing products from falling or being damaged.