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Most Siemens kitchen appliances come with a free two year warranty, which in cases can be extended to five years. Click here for more information about warranties.
Siemens invented the first fully integrated washing machine that also decides how much detergent and softener it needs, and adjusts itself automatically. It’s called the i-Dos machine.
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Having started in 1843, Siemens have been a pioneer of both electricity and electrical appliances over the years, including introducing the first devices for measuring voltage and resistance in 1860 and helping to introduce radio and television technology to the general public by developing some of the first mass-affordable receivers.

This early innovation has carried on as well into later years by innovating in different electrical appliance fields, for example by introducing the first GSM mobile phone with colour display in 1997, as well as innovating in many other fields of electrical goods.

Focusing on cooking and laundry in terms of domestic appliances, Siemens have become one of the top leading brands in the domestic appliance market, and we here at Appliance World have recognised this and have been stocking them for over twenty years.