Zanussi Kitchen Appliances

Important Note

Unfortunately we can't display the full range of Zanussi kitchen appliances online but we do sell their entire catalogue. If you have an appliance in mind that you cannot find on our website, please call us on 01793 618 656 for our best deal. We aim to beat any price you've had and, if you're looking for 3 or more appliances, you will receive our special bulk discount!

About Zanussi

Having started in Italy in 1916, Zanussi have been a steady and innovative brand that has become one of the internationally renowned market leaders. Having brought out the first gas cooker in 1946, Zanussi have diversified since then and have expanded into producing other appliances. These include several notable examples such as the Jetsystem washing machine range in the early 1980s. Zanussi continue to design, produce and manufacture quality kitchen appliances at affordable prices for everyone. For more information on Zanussi's history check out the wikipedia page at

So whether you’re a first-time homeowner or someone who has had many homes in the past, you’ll be able to find the perfect Zanussi kitchen appliances to help you redesign and redecorate your kitchen into a great and functional room no matter what your needs and specifications are.

Did you know?

Zanussi launched their Rex brand of appliances to coincide with the Italian ship “Rex” setting a new record in crossing the Atlantic ocean.


Most Zanussi products come with a free two year warranty when registered.

Zanussi Promotions

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FACT: Zanussi set an industry first by introducing double ovens that have an A energy efficiency rating in both cavities.


The clever placement of the fan in Zanussi’s Thermaflow ovens means you can cook multiple dishes at the same time without flavours transferring between them. Better still, you can cook at lower temperatures, meaning your meals are ready sooner and you’ll save money on your energy bills.
Auto Cook
This clever function enables you to set the fully programmable timer to cook your food and switch off automatically, giving you more time to relax or even enabling you to come home to a hot meal.
Thermal Grilling
Using the fan and grill simultaneously, you can cook your food right through without the need to turn it.
Pizza Oven
Create delicious pizzas with crisp bases and moist toppings, bringing a touch of Italy to your home.
Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel
Keep your new oven free from messy finger marks with the special finish from Zanussi.
Pyrolytic Cleaning
With one touch of a button, the oven heats food residues into a fine ash that can be easily wiped away.


Clean your plastic chopping board


Clean your oven with baking soda




Perfect Cooking Results
Want to cook three separate courses at the same time? Now you can, as the clever placement of the fan ensures that there's no transfer of flavours between dishes.
Responsive Heat
Nearly twice as fast as gas, induction cooking is incredibly safe to use and is simple to clean. For added convenience, you can flick from simmering to boiling in an instant.
Easy to Clean
Active liners on the top, sides and back of the oven help to absorb grease and oxidise it, making cleaning of the cooker much easier.
Family Sized Capacity
Zanussi's XXL oven cavities offer a choice of 5 shelf positions and three cooking levels, giving you greater flexibility and suitable for any occasion.

Cooker Hoods


Speed Settings
High extraction rates are available from Zanussi cooker hoods, with 3 or 4 settings to choose from on all models and even an intensive mode for some.
The majority of models come with metal grease filters that can be washed in the dishwasher, helping to keep your kitchen fresh.
Low Noise Levels
Operating at low noise levels, Zanussi hoods keep your kitchen a pleasantly quiet place to cook.



Touch Control
These digital displays make it easier to operate your hob, offering a larger choice of power levels to give you even more control.
Set timers for individual zones on the hob, giving you more precision and the knowledge of exactly when your food will be ready.
From child locks that prevent settings from being changed to residual heat indicators that inform you of which zone is still hot to the touch, Zanussi hobs are designed to keep your family safe.
Front Controls
You'll find the cooktop controls easy to access whether you're left- or right-handed as they are conveniently located at the front of the hob.
Wok Cooking
The high heat of wok burners are ideal for effortlessly preparing stir fries.
Automatic Ignition
Single handed operation is possible with Zanussi gas hobs, making it even more convenient to activate the burner. Simply push down the dial as you twist and the flame will ignite.



Quick Wash
In just 30 minutes you can have your dishes sparkling. A Quick Wash cycle runs at 65 degrees and can clean freshly soiled crockery in half the time of a full cycle.
Auto Half Load
It's not always possible to wait for a full load before you run your dishwasher. Zanussi models are designed to automatically determine if you only have a half load and can adapt their energy and water levels as required.
Select this mode on your dishwasher and it will pick the most efficient setting to get your crockery thoroughly clean.
Set & Go
Zanussi dishwashers can put you back in control with delay timers of up to 24 hours. Simply select your time and the cycle will begin when you're ready – ideal if you have a cheaper tariff overnight or want your dishes ready for when you get home.

Washing Machines


Inverter Motor
Quiet and highly durable, the brushless inverter motor helps to wash large loads at higher speeds, providing shorter wash times with its powerful performance.
This clever features automatically adjusts the wash cycle to suit the load, reducing energy and water consumption to help save you time and money.
Gentle Care Drum
Zanussi's special soft-pattern, Gentle Care Drum helps to take care of even the most delicate clothes.
Power Jet
Located inside the detergent drawer, this powerful water jet prevents any detergent residue from being left behind at the end of the wash.
Finish At
This intuitive features works like a Delay Start function, allowing you to decide exactly when you want the wash cycle to end, great for ensuring your laundry is ready for when you arrive home.
Detergent distribution is optimised with the AquaFall feature, which delivers the water and detergent directly to the centre of the load.

Washer Dryers


Delay Start
Take control of your laundry with this handy feature, which allows you to choose when you want the cycle to begin. Ideal if you have a cheaper tariff at certain times of the day.
Mini 30
If you have items that have been worn once or you need something washed in a hurry, you can load up to 13 items and have them washed at 30 degrees in just 30 minutes.
LCD Display
This stylish LCD display makes it simple to select a programme and offers real-time information about the mode that you've selected. You can keep track of your laundry at a glance as the display also tells you the progress of your wash.
Sensor Drying
Your washer dryer will automatically detect the moisture levels in your laundry and will finish the cycle when it's perfectly dry, saving you time and money on your energy bills.

Tumble Dryers


Heat Pump
Heat Pump Tumble Dryers are designed to recycle the warm air during a drying cycle, maximising energy efficiency.
The clever AutoSense function detects the moisture levels in the load and adjusts the drying time accordingly, preventing loads from being over-dried, saving you money and time.
Easy Iron Programme
This mode runs a cool down phase using cold water and keeps the load continually moving to prevent creases developing, making your ironing less of a chore.
Reverse Tumble
By alternating the direction of the drum, this feature helps to loosen clothes to prevent creasing and tangling.


Cool your drinks really fast


Clean your dirty pan with sugar




Quick Chill
When you activate this mode before you go to the supermarket, the temperature in the fridge is lowered and will quickly and safely cool your fresh food on your return.
Simply touch this button to activate cool air which flows through every level of your fridge, for fast and even cooling.
Highly energy efficient, ultra bright LED lighting makes it easy to find the food you're looking for.
Clima+ Air Circulation
In the past you may have had to be careful where you place items in your fridge to ensure they're kept at the correct temperature. With Clima+ air circulation your refrigerator is cooled thoroughly and evenly so you can keep your food exactly where you want.



Quick Freeze
Switch on this convenient function before you go to the supermarket and return to lower temperatures that are ideal for quickly freezing and protecting newly stored food. The temperature will even automatically return to the original setting so there's nothing else you need to do.
Frost Free
Everyone's least favourite chore – defrosting the freezer – is eliminated with frost-free models which prevent ice from building up. It also means you don't lose storage space or waste energy due to ice build up.
Maximum Visibility
Transparent door fronts mean you can check your frozen food at a glance. No more having to open and close drawers to find out what you have available.

Fridge Freezers


These fridge freezers have extra storage space, allowing you to hold more frozen food and shop less frequently
Separate cooling systems for the fridge and freezer ensure that each compartment is kept at the ideal humidity levels, stopping foods from drying out and preventing odours from crossing over. Natural freshness is locked in, keeping your food fresher for longer.
This fan helps to ensure an even temperature throughout the fridge at the touch of a button.