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Best Mini Ovens of 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Mini Ovens

  1. Russell Hobbs 22780 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Sage BOV820BSS (Luxury Choice)
  3. Quest 35409 Compact (Best Value)
  4. NETTA 35L Electric (Best with Hobs)
  5. Russell Hobbs 26090 Express (Best Tiny)
  6. Igenix IG7131 (Best Compact)
  7. Severin TO 2058 (Best Large)
  8. Geepas 19L (Best Versatile)
  9. Lakeland Digital Multifunctional (Best Digital)
  10. AUMATE 18L (Best All-In-One)

If you want to buy the best mini oven in the UK, this guide should help you find the perfect product for your needs. Mini ovens, also called toaster ovens, are just what they sound like – ovens smaller than standard ovens and suitable for apartment use or tight spaces. They don’t consume too much space but can still bake, defrost, broil, reheat, and toast different types of food!

But with so many different mini oven units on the market today, how do you know which one to choose? You may not realise it right away, but this task can be challenging!

This comprehensive mini oven buying guide will give you everything you need to know about these products and how to find the right one for your home kitchen. So read on and get ready to learn all about mini ovens!

How We Compared Mini Ovens

To find the right mini ovens, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Capacity
  • Temperature range
  • Number of cooking functions
  • Ease of use
  • Durability

Our editorial team examined and analysed hundreds of appliances to select the best options suitable for all kinds of needs. After planning comparison points and evaluating customer reviews, we compiled the following list.

Have a look here to find out more about our process.

Mini Oven Reviews

Russell Hobbs 22780 (Editor’s Choice)

The kitchen can be an exciting place, but it’s also a space filled with many responsibilities. It can be hard to juggle everything between prepping ingredients, cooking, and clean-up.

But there is one responsibility we do not want to overlook: making sure your food tastes as good as it can. So why not bring more elegance into the kitchen with the elegant Russell Hobbs 22780 mini multi-function electric oven.

This electric oven gives you options that a traditional oven doesn’t offer. It’s a fan-assisted oven with 60 to 230 degrees Celsius thermostatic controls and a keep-warm function.

This means that not only do you save space but also energy! And when it comes to hot plates, they can be used independently or together (large plate 1000 W, small plate 750 W).

The Russell Hobbs 22780 mini oven comes with an automatic shut-off after 120 minutes. Additional features include a baking tray, grill rack, and tray handle. This means less work for you, but it also means making dinnertime a breeze for everyone involved!

That said, it’s worth mentioning that this mini oven may not sit well with some users since it might not be rust-resistant. And it may also lack two rotisserie functions.


  • Features two hot plates
  • A baking tray is included
  • It comes with a tray handle
  • Has adjustable thermostat controls
  • Equipped with a grill rack


  • The oven and hot plates might not be suitable to use at the same time
  • This mini oven might not be rust resistant
  • The grill tray might lack a wire rack

Sage BOV820BSS (Luxury Choice)

When it comes to being frugal or spending extravagant amounts on the newest trends, most people find themselves stuck trying to find the perfect balance.

But if you’re looking for something affordable yet still provides all of the bells and whistles of a luxury model, look no further than the Sage Smart Oven Pro with Element IQ System!

This high-performance smart oven will be able to reduce your cooking time by up to 30% through its use of convection settings. With this design, five independent quartz elements are used — smart algorithms steer power throughout them, which creates a consistent temperature that produces excellent quality food!

This amazing oven can reduce your cooking time, but it also has ten different functions that make cooking anything from cookies to pizza easier than ever before.

This compact mini oven comes with an automatic interior light that turns on at the end of each cooking cycle. Plus, there is a built-in timer that shuts it off, so you’ll never have to stress about overcooking again. This oven also comes equipped with replaceable components, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking down or going wrong anytime soon!

On the other hand, some may find it less convenient since the convection fan tends to be loud when the oven is used. Also, its temperature range might not sit well with some dishes, but overall it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a smart mini oven.


  • Features an interior oven light
  • Has multiple cooking functions
  • A convection fan is included to speed up the cooking process
  • It comes with a removable crumb tray
  • It can be used to roast chicken


  • The temperature range of this mini oven might not sit well with some users
  • Cleaning the interior might be quite challenging for some users
  • Some users might find the convection fan to be too loud

Quest 35409 Compact (Best Value)

Are you looking for a good mini oven with various cooking functions? If yes, the Quest 35409 Compact mini oven is ideal. It boasts a 650w power output and comes with a double-layer tempered glass door and four heating elements.

The Quest 35409 Compact Countertop Mini Oven offers a wide range of temperature adjustments from 100°-230°C and even has an alert system to notify when your cooking is done! To top it off, it also includes two shelves for accessories so you can cook easier.

Moreover, it also comes with a baking tray made of aluminium and wires racks made out of chromed steel — you can use them for baking or cooking your meal on top of them.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that some users may not sit well with this mini oven since it lacks an internal light. And its cooking temperatures may not be hot enough for some recipes.


  • Compact mini oven and grill
  • It comes with a chrome wire rack
  • Has adjustable temperature settings, including slow cook modes
  • It comes with quartz heating elements
  • An aluminium baking tray is included


  • The capacity of this mini oven might be quite small
  • This mini oven might lack an internal light
  • The highest cooking temperature might not be quite as hot

NETTA 35L Electric (Best with Hobs)

Are you looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint or kitchen clutter? Or want something convenient to make cooking a little easier?

Then, the NETTA 35L Mini Oven is the perfect solution!

This 35L portable Mini Oven with Double Hot plates and grill is ideal for kitchen areas where space is limited. These mini ovens are perfect for caravans, holiday homes, and office canteen use. They are also convenient to have around the home as extra ovens for large meals.

The NETTA 35L Electric mini oven comes with a grill rack a baking tray, and the dual hot plates allow you to cook with both 600W and 800W of power, making it ideal for preparing different dishes in one go. It features a 120-minute timer that helps you plan and comes with a maximum temperature of 230 degrees – enough to cook anything from cakes to casseroles!

So if you’re shopping for the best mini oven with hob, The NETTA Mini Oven should be your go-to option.

However, please note that this mini oven may stop working optimally. Also, if this is your first time using a mini oven thin, this model can be quite confusing to use.


  • Has a fast and uniform cooking process
  • It comes with double hot plates
  • Equipped with a 120- minute timer
  • It is energy efficient
  • Features a tempered glass door that is cool to touch


  • This electric mini oven might get faulty after some time
  • Some users might find the instruction booklet to be too vague
  • The hob might lack temperature settings

Russell Hobbs 26090 Express (Best Tiny)

Next on our best mini oven reviews is the Russell Hobbs 26090 Express. This electric mini oven from the Russell Hobs brand boasts efficiency and convenience for quick-cooking.

With its four cooking settings, Bake, Grill, Toast, and Keep Warm, you can quickly cook various dishes. Furthermore, its 1500W convection technology ensures your food will be cooked evenly and efficiently.

With an overall cooking capacity of 12.6L, this compact oven can fit any dish you need to cook so that no one will be left out. It has a 60-Minute timer that lets you know when your food is done cooking without having to monitor it constantly.

It also comes with a baking tray and wire rack for versatile cooking options. So if you’re in the market for the best table top oven, then the Russell Hobbs 26090 Express is an outstanding choice.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that some have said that this model is not that durable. Also, the temperature settings are unreliable sometimes.


  • Features a convection fan that ensures a faster cooking process
  • It comes with four cooking modes
  • An external crumb tray is included for easy cleaning
  • Has a large cooking capacity
  • It includes a baking tray and wire rack


  • Some users might find the outer casing too fragile and vulnerable
  • The temperature settings might get faulty after some time

Igenix IG7131 (Best Compact)

Whether you’re a chef, a home cook, or a food enthusiast, Igenix’s countertop electric mini ovens are designed to meet your needs. And the Igenix IG7131 is no exception.

With a large 30 litre capacity, this oven is perfect for any chef who can’t resist a bit of roasting and grilling. Its double-insulated oven door will make sure your food stays at its optimum temperature throughout cooking.

This oven takes up less space than your average oven. However, with its 1500W oven thermostatically controlled capability (100°C – 220°C), it can still cook up anything from a Sunday roast to a delicious dessert!

Moreover, it comes with accessories such as an aluminium tray, wire rack, and tray handle. So if you’re in the market for a mini oven for all your cooking needs, then the Igenix IG7131 is a solid choice.

On the downside, someone may find this model less convenient since its function switch may be faulty after some use. And its temperature control function may not withstand the test of time.


  • It features a double insulated glass door
  • Equipped with multiple cooking modes
  • It comes with a 60-minute timer
  • Includes a tray handle and wire rack
  • Has temperature settings


  • It might lack an internal light
  • The function switch might get faulty after some time
  • The temperature control might become inaccurate d when in use

Severin TO 2058 (Best Large)

We know it can be hard to find a conventional oven that gets the job done. One minute you think it’s cooking evenly and then suddenly your cake is burnt on one side and raw on the other.

But fret no more because we have a solution: the Severin TO 2058 toast oven with convection!

Evenly cooked food, every time! With its large 42 L capacity mini oven and four shelf positions, you can cook a whole pizza – or two!

This oven also has a variable thermostat from 60-230 degrees Celsius and stainless steel heating elements so your food will be cooked at the right temperature every time.

With a wide temperature range and a 120-minute timer, this oven is multifunctional and has plenty of extra features, including turning spit for meat and poultry, grill, and baking rack.

On the flip side, this tabletop oven may not sit well with some since it lacks two hot plates and might not withstand the test of time.


  • It comes with different rotisserie functions
  • It comes with a baking tray, wire rack, and removable crumb tray
  • It offers a large cooking capacity
  • Ensures fast and uniform cooking
  • Includes stainless steel heating elements


  • It may lack a double hot plate
  • This conventional oven might not be cool to touch
  • The glass door might not withstand the test of time

Geepas 19L (Best Versatile)

When it comes to the best tabletop ovens UK stores have to offer, then the Geepas 19L mini oven and grill is an excellent choice.

It boasts an overall cooking capacity of 19Litres, but it also comes with a rotisserie cooking function!

With the Geepas mini oven and grill, you can now cook various dishes with just one modern machine. It is powerful and has a temperature control of 100°-230°C with a 60-minute timer and bell alert when the cooking cycle is complete.

This mini oven has six cooking functions for all your needs — from roasting, grilling, baking to cooking crisping pie crusts and reheating leftover meals.

Designed with a 60-minute timer function for added convenience, you can adjust the temperature from 100°C to 230°C, select the cooking time and start cooking.

On the downside, some users may find it less convenient since it may lack an internal light. Also, some of its cooking temperatures might be quite hot for some recipes.


  • It comes with six cooking modes for all your cooking needs
  • Cooking accessories include a baking tray, tray handle, and wire rack
  • Has adjustable temperature control settings
  • It features a 60-minute timer and bell alert
  • It comes with a rotisserie function


  • It might lack an interior light
  • This mini oven might not keep a consistent temperature during use
  • The highest cooking temperature might be too quite hot for some recipes

Lakeland Digital Multifunctional (Best Digital)

Elegant and stylish are terms that best describe this mini oven from the Lakeland family. This multifunctional oven can be used as a traditional oven or a rotisserie.

With its sleek design and internal light, this oven is also great for those who want a functional kitchen appliance without taking up too much space.

With eight cooking modes, you can keep your options open. Whether you are looking for a quick way to cook dinner, need something for a holiday dinner, or simply want to use it as an indoor grill, this mini oven is perfect for any occasion!

Despite being one of the best mini ovens in the market, the Lakeland Digital Multifunctional mini-oven may fall short in terms of quality. Also, it might not sit well with novice users since its instruction booklet tends to be quite vague.


  • A rotisserie kit is included
  • It comes with eight cooking functions
  • Includes an internal light
  • It has a rotisserie function
  • Equipped with a crumb tray


  • Some users might find this mini oven to be quite flimsy
  • The instruction booklet could be improved
  • The door hinges might not withstand the test of time

AUMATE 18L (Best All-In-One)

When deciding which small multifunctional oven to buy, the first thing to consider is where you will use it. If you need a versatile small oven that can cook as a slow cooker, an air fryer, or an electric toaster oven, then the Aumate mini-oven should be your go-to option.

Designed with convenience in mind, this mini oven from the Aumate family comes with an overall capacity of 18l. And a 360° air circulation technology that cooks food more evenly and faster.

This digital electric mini oven includes three convenient knobs so that everyone — regardless of age — can use it easily. Moreover, cooking with it is a breeze since it has multiple cooking functions that allow you to broil, bake, toast bread, roast chicken, and even barbecue different foods.

On the flip side, this mini oven falls short for durability. Also, some users may find it less convenient since it lacks rotisserie cooking modes.


  • Features seven cooking modes
  • It has a large cooking capacity
  • Includes a built-in convection fan
  • It comes with three rack levels
  • Equipped with a detachable crumb tray for easy cleaning


  • The heating elements might get faulty after some time
  • The cookbook is not included in the purchase
  • This mini oven might lack a rotisserie function

What to Consider When Buying a Mini Oven

Are you planning to buy your first mini oven, or are you an experienced user but want something that suits your needs better? Read our buying guide below if you’re still not sure which to get. We will share the different factors you need to consider to make sure you are making the right choice!

Types of Mini Oven

Mini Electric Oven

This type of oven is a perfect way to enjoy your favourite foods traditionally prepared in a full-sized oven. When using a mini electric oven, you can cook several different dishes.

To ensure your food comes out perfectly every time, invest in one with an auto shut-off feature. An auto shut-off feature automatically turns off when it reaches its designated temperature and saves energy from being wasted.

It also prevents overcooking and burning of food and personal injury from hot surfaces and hot steam/exhaust that could harm individuals nearby or present when cooking without proper supervision.

Moreover, its cooking times can be optimised with specific temperatures to ensure everything is cooked to perfection.

And because of their small size, mini ovens don’t have heating elements all over them as standard ovens do. Instead, they heat by conduction only, which means heat is transferred through direct contact between conductors—in most cases, it’s a metal exterior lining.

Generally speaking, you should not bake any food requiring higher temperatures for longer periods in a micro or mini oven; if possible, use a convection oven instead. And remember, never allow children to play with these appliances.

Mini Oven With Hob

Having a mini oven with a hob is a great way of saving space in your kitchen. The Hob mini-oven comes with an induction hob, which you can use independently from an existing range.

There’s also a drawer that will allow you to store and reheat food at any time, making it easier for you to enjoy cooking when necessary.

The main downside of hob is that it isn’t powerful enough for some tasks; on top of that, its heating can take up to 20 minutes to fully kick in, which may be too long for some people.

Internal Light

When selecting your ideal tabletop oven, it’s always advisable to go for one that comes with an internal light. The internal light comes in handy when you want to check the cooking progress of your preferred meal without opening the oven’s door.

Hot Plate

A hot plate is another essential feature you might consider when shopping for a mini oven. It’s worth mentioning that some mini-oven units come with a double hot plate, whereas others don’t.

In most cases, the hot plates come in two different sizes, a large and a small one. So before settling for your preferred model, it’s always important to consider if you will be using the hot plates frequently or not.

Number of Cooking Functions

When looking for a mini oven, it’s important to look at different functions. If you want one with a rotisserie, your options will be more limited than if you only plan on cooking with convection features.

Typically, some ovens have fewer features than their fully-equipped counterparts, but they can lack some of their functionality.

You’ll have to decide how many features matter most to you and choose accordingly. Note: If you find an oven without a desired feature, don’t automatically count it out—many manufacturers make upgrades available through add-ons or accessories that can be purchased separately.

The number of cooking functions available in a small oven will vary depending on its size. Many small models have fewer than larger ovens, but that doesn’t mean they’re less functional. Before you decide how many features are right for you, decide if you want to use your mini oven more often or if it will be used as a backup unit.

Temperature Range

Then, think about how hot you want your food to be! While some mini ovens will heat up extremely hot and fast, most go from room temperature to warm, so it may be worth investing in a stand-alone unit if you want something with a very high-temperature range.

However, most people do fine with a midrange cooking device like one of our top picks. If you plan on reheating leftovers or simply cooking at lower temperatures for less time (such as baking), then a medium-temperature mini oven can perfectly accommodate these needs!

Some of our favourite mini ovens have a temperature between 20 and 180 degrees Celsius, while other mini ovens even extend upwards beyond 200 degrees Celsius. Also, consider whether or not you’ll need your mini oven to bake food.

Most small appliances do not have an actual heating element inside but rely on convection heating, which pushes hot air inside to cook meals. In some cases, one benefit of having a mini-unit is that they tend to use smaller amounts of energy than full-sized ones, meaning they’re great for small spaces where space heating is limited.

Power Level

The power level of the mini oven is a feature that every mini-oven owner should look for. You will want a high-power machine to cook foods quickly and thoroughly. If the power level is too low, your food will take longer than it should or won’t cook thoroughly.

A high-power unit is ideal for achieving restaurant-quality results at home. If you’re looking for great taste without sacrificing quality or convenience, look no further than high-power mini ovens.

You can measure the power level of a mini oven in two ways: Watts or BTUs. Most manufacturers are now producing mini ovens with variable power levels and adjustable thermostats, which allow you to customise how hot you want your food cooked.

Some models allow you to set different temperatures for different foods so that each dish is cooked just right. Of course, not all models have these advanced features; many will only have one, two or more heat settings.

So you must look at any specifications listed for your preferred model and see whether or not it has adjustable temperature controls. If it doesn’t, then ensure that its maximum power output meets your needs; otherwise, you won’t get good results from it at all!


Capacity is another important factor you should consider when shopping for mini or toaster ovens. Most mini ovens tend to have a capacity range of 12L-30L or more. So when shopping for your preferred unit, always consider the amount of food you will be prepared in one go.

That said, unlike conventional ovens, mini ovens always have a smaller cooking area that can only suit a certain quantity. So if you’re looking forward to batch cook meals, always go for a unit with a larger cooking capacity and vice versa.

Extra Features

Some mini ovens are available with additional features such as a convection mode. A convection mode circulates air around the food, resulting in baking or roasting.

Other models include special racks or a baking tray that can be used for fish and poultry, pizza, etc. When shopping for a mini oven, consider how much use you’ll get from these extra features.

A model with basic functions will let you save while not limiting your baking options too much. Additional features are nice, but they come at a higher purchase and more energy consumption. It’s up to you whether or not having them is worth it in your kitchen!

It’s a good idea to think about your needs and lifestyle before you start looking at extra features. Think about how often you’ll use extra features before making a purchase. Do you need them?


Mini ovens aren’t just for baking—they’re for cooking. That means there are plenty of different types of mini ovens out there that let you whip up a healthy meal in minutes!

When picking out a compact oven, consider several important things: How much space do you have available? Is weight an issue? Does it require assembly and cleaning? Do you need an oven that is portable or stay-at-home?

A mini oven can help make any cramped kitchen seem larger. When choosing a mini oven, consider whether you want something small enough to fit on your countertop or table.

While most are designed for indoor use only, some with handles are portable and allow you to take meals anywhere – from picnics to campsites – like stovetop versions. Make sure that portability isn’t compromised by design.

Benefits of Mini Ovens

Mini ovens come packed with many benefits. Whether you’re looking for an extra baking or grilling unit, a mini oven can be used as a substitute.

Moreover, they are ideal for compact kitchens or limited counter space houses. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the benefits of using a mini oven.

Easy to Use

Who wants to spend time trying to figure out how something works? Ideally, a mini oven should be intuitive, so you can just turn it on and start cooking immediately.

Tabletop Mini ovens are generally easy to use. Since they can be placed on tabletops and their compact sizes make them ideal for novice users or persons who may find operating a regular-sized oven quite challenging.


In today’s fast-paced and environmentally conscious world, it’s become increasingly important for us to be mindful of managing our energy consumption.

The appliances in your home use more energy than any other item in your house—and even a small kitchen appliance can have a big impact on how much energy you’re consuming.


That is it for our top choices for the best mini oven in the UK. We hope that this article will help you select your preferred mini oven. However, if we had to pick an overall winner, we would go for our Editor’s Choice, the Russell Hobbs 22780.

With its compact size, you can save space while getting the most out of your cooking experience. This tabletop oven can do it all! Grill, roast, bake, fry, and boil with a 60 to 230 degrees Celsius temperature setting.

It also has two hot plates that you can use together or separately. One is 1000W, and the other is 750W. Moreover, the Russell Hobbs 22780 mini oven is fan-assisted with thermostatic controls to cook food to perfection.

What do you think of our Editor’s choice? Let us know below!

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