Q: What's the difference between built-in appliances and built-under appliances?

A: Built under kitchen appliances are designed to fit underneath your work counter, such as a built under double oven or larder fridge. Depending on the appliance, such as if it is an oven, they can also fit in a column as well, in case you want them to go there. These can also be known as integrated appliances at times.

Built in appliances are designed to go in a column. These are usually the larger double ovens and fridge-freezers and so on that can’t go under a counter, thanks to the size of the appliance. We recommend that you check to make sure that you have the correct kind of appliance for your kitchen, as having to send back a built-in double oven because it won’t fit under your kitchen counter can set your kitchen redecoration timescale back, which is always annoying!