Spend less and get more in Bosch's Huge Winter Sale between 24th December 2018 - 5th February 2019. Check the list of promotional models which make Bosch even better value than ever.

Qualifying Models

WAN28201GB Laundry
WAT2840SGB Laundry
WAT28463GB Laundry
WAT28371GB Laundry
WAW325H0GB Laundry
WAWH8660GB Laundry
WTM85230GB Laundry
WTW87561GB Ovens
WDU28560GB Laundry
WDU28568GB Dishwashers
WVG3047SGB Laundry
WVH28424GB Laundry
WVG30462GB Hobs
SMS46MW00G Dishwashers
SMS46IW09G Dishwashers
SMS67MW01G Hobs
SMS67MW00G Dishwashers
SMS88TW06G Dishwashers
SMV46MX00G Dishwashers
SMV68MD00G Dishwashers
SMV68TD06G Dishwashers
SMV46IX00G Dishwashers
SMV68MD01G Dishwahsers
SMV68MD02G Dishwashers
SPV66TX00G Dishwashers
SPV66TX01E Dishwashers
PIE651BB1E Hobs
PWP631BB1E Hobs
PWP631BF1B Hobs
PUE611BB1E Hobs
DWB098J50B Hoods
DWB068J50B Hoods
DWB96DM50B Hoods
DWB66DM50B Hoods
DWK97HM60B Hoods
DWK67HM60B Hoods
HBS573BS0B Ovens
HBA5570S0B Ovens
HBA5780S0B Ovens
CMA583MS0B Microwaves
CMA585MS0B Microwaves
KGN34VB35G Refreigeration
KGN36AI35G Refreigeration
KGN36VL35G Refreigeration
KGN49XW30 Refreigeration
KGN49XL30G Refreigeration
KGE36VW4A Refreigeration
KGE49VI4AG Refreigeration
KGN36IJ3AG Refreigeration
KGN39IJ3AG Refreigeration
KSV36VW3PG Refreigeration
KSV36VL3PG Refreigeration
GSN36VW3VG Refreigeration
GSN36VL3PG Refreigeration
GSN58AW30G Refreigeration

Full terms and conditions can be found on the Bosch website.