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Save when you purchase a selected Neff appliance between 11/07/2018 - 28/08/2018 in the Summer Sale. All discounts are already applied so simply add the product to the basket to order.

Qualifying Models

Product CodeCategory
B3ACE4HN0B Ovens
B4ACF1AN0B Ovens
B4ACM5HN0B Ovens
B47CS34N0B Ovens
B47CR32N0B Ovens
B47CR32N1B Ovens
B57CR22N0B Ovens
B57CR22N1B Ovens
B6ACH7HN0B Ovens
B5ACM7HN0B Ovens
C1AMG83N0B Ovens
C17MR02N0B Ovens
C17MS32N0B Ovens
J1ACE4HN0B Ovens
U1ACI5HN0B Ovens
U1ACE5HN0B Ovens
S513K60X1G Dishwashers
S513G60X0G Dishwashers
S515T80D1G Dishwashers
W544BX0GB Laundry
W543BX0GB Laundry
V6320X1GB Laundry
V6540X1GB Laundry
T27DS59N0 Hobs
T26CS49S0 Hobs
T27CS59S0 Hobs
T27TA69N0 Hobs
T26TA49N0 Hobs
T29DS69N0 Hobs
T26DS49N0 Hobs
T25S56N0GB Hobs
T58UB10X0 Hobs
T56UB50X0 Hobs
T48FD23X0 Hobs
T56FD50X0 Hobs