Don’t miss out on exceptional Siemens quality with huge savings to be made on laundry, dishwashing,cooling, hobs and ovens in the Siemens Winter Sale between 12th December 2018 - 29th January 2019

Qualifying Models

Product CodeCategory
SN258I06TG Dishwashers
SN258W06TG Dishwashers
SN278I36TE Dishwashers
SN236I01MG Dishwashers
SN236W01IG Dishwashers
SR256I00TE Dishwashers
SN658D02MG Dishwashers
SN658D00MG Dishwashers
SN678D06TG Dishwashers
SN258B00ME Dishwashers
WM14N201GB Laundry
WM14W5H0GB Laundry
WM16W5H0GB Laundry
WM14YH79GB Laundry
WM16YH79GB Laundry
WM14YH89GB Laundry
WT45N201GB Laundry
WT47W591GB Laundry
WT4HY791GB Laundry
WT45M231GB Laundry
WD15G422GB Laundry
WD14H422GB Laundry
WK14D541GB Laundry
WD14U520GB Laundry
KG49NXI30 Refrigeration
GS36NVX3PG Refrigeration
KS36VVX3PG Refrigeration
KG36NXX3AG Refrigeration
KG36VVI32G Refrigeration
KG39NXI35 Refrigeration
KG39FPI35 Refrigeration
KG39NXB35G Refrigeration
GS36NAI3P Refrigeration
GS36DBI2VG Refrigeration
KS36VAI4p Refrigeration
KS36WBI3P Refrigeration
KS36FPI3P Refrigeration
KG34NVX3AG Refrigeration
EX875BEB1E Hobs
EX675BEB1E Hobs
EX611BEB1E Hobs
EU611BEB1E Hobs
HB578A0S0B Ovens
MB535A0S0B Ovens
CM585AMS0B Ovens
HB535A0S0B Ovens

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